WisdomTree launches commodity ETF


WisdomTree has launched its first Commodity Ucits ETF on the London Stock Exchange.

The fund aims to outperform the Bloomberg Commodity Total Return Index, which consists of 22 commodities with sector exposures of 35.5 per cent in agriculture, 30.9 per cent in energy, 17 per cent in industrial metals and 15.6 per cent in precious metals.

The fund tracks the Optimised Roll Commodity Total Return Index, which aims to outperform the Bloomberg index.

Viktor Nossek, director of research at WisdomTree Europe, says commodity fundamentals are improving due to a “steadier environment” for the oil price, sentiment towards gold improving after negative interest rates and a more positive view on emerging markets.

Nossek said investors favoured commodities exposure due to its low or negative correlation with other assets.

The total expense ratio of the fund is 0.35 per cent.