WisdomTree launches accumulating share classes for equity ETFs


WisdomTree is launching accumulating share classes for its diversified equity income and small cap strategies.

The new share classes cover 11 funds across a number of geographies.

ETF strategist Nizam Hamid says: “Investors appreciate that dividend reinvestment can provide substantial benefits to long term investment strategies and this is especially the case for WisdomTree’s unique dividend weighted approach. These new share classes provide investors with flexibility, as well as adding to operational and fiscal efficiency.”

“We believe that providing a choice of both distributing and accumulating share classes allows investors to tailor their investment and income profile.”

MSCI research shows dividend growth and yield have contributed to 78.6 per cent of total returns for the MSCI ACWI index.

The new share classes cover equity income strategies for the US, Europe and emerging markets, as well as European small caps.