Welcome to your new website

LauraSuterFund Strategy is changing, and we’re excited to tell you about it.

We’ve made changes to both the website and the magazine to bring it up to date, create a stronger brand and display our content in a clearer, more polished way.

On the website, we’ve entirely changed the appearance of the site, making it easier to access top stories, opinion, features and profiles of key people in the industry and making our longer analysis pieces easier to digest.

We’ve brought the website back in line with the rest of brand and replaced the Fundweb name with Fund Strategy. This move gives us more strength as a brand, makes sense from an editorial perspective and gives you more as a reader out of a unified brand.

Fund Strategy is known as the key analysis-led publication in the investment industry and we’re reaffirming that position in our online content, bringing you the same exclusive news and key industry events, but also providing more thoughtful news analysis content, looking at the implications of what’s happening in the industry and how it affects you, our readers.

We’re doing more too. We’re building our video content, to provide context behind the headlines of why events occurred in the industry, and doing live video debates on key industry trends.

Fund Strategy is also creating events and roundtables to give readers more ability to access live debates and hear first-hand from experts on the big changes happening in the industry.

We look forward to developing the brand and the content as we continue to improve, and we welcome all of your feedback on the changes we’ve made.

Laura Suter

Editor, Fund Strategy