Vontobel unveils sustainable EM equity fund for UK investors

Green-Shoots-Emerging-Growth-700.jpgVontobel Asset Management has rolled out its mtx Sustainable Emerging Markets Leaders Equity fund to UK investors with the launch of a sterling share class.

Managed by Roger Merz and Thomas Schaffner, the fund invests globally in leading companies that the managers deem to be better positioned than their peers, generate high returns, trade at a discount and address environmental, social and governance issues.

Sheridan Bowers, head of UK and Ireland at Vontobel, says: “This launch is in response to a specific client request for a pound sterling share class for UK wealth management clients.

“The new share class will be available on several UK wholesale platforms and is also suitable for pension fund and charity clients. The performance of the fund clearly demonstrates that integrating ESG factors into the investment process can deliver long-term outperformance within the emerging markets.”