Vontobel Asset Management unveils global equity income strategy

Portfolio-Bonds-Fixed-Income-Performance-UK-700x450.jpgVontobel Asset Management has launched a global equity income strategy within its Quality Growth boutique.

The fund will be run by director of research Igor Krutov and Ramiz Chelat and will balance divided yield with earnings growth by assessing the total return of each investable security.

Krutov says: “For nearly two decades, we have been investing in high quality growth companies –franchises with high and stable returns on equity, strong balance sheets and strong free cash flow generation. These are the types of businesses that we feel can sustain and grow dividends over time. So a natural synergy exists between our traditional focus on quality growth investing and our global equity income strategy.”

Vontobel’s New York-based Quality Growth boutique has CHF 33.2bn in assets under management.