Unbiased launches ‘compare an adviser’ service on response times


Adviser directory Unbiased is to rate advisers based on how promptly they respond to enquiries from potential clients.

Advisers will get a rating out of 10 that is generated automatically, not scored by consumers. Consumers can see the rating on an adviser’s listing.

All advisers in the Unbiased system will start with a rating of seven out of 10. This is based on a service level agreement when advisers sign up to the site requiring them, for example, to have a profile, regularly log in to the site and have a picture.

To improve their rating, when they get an enquiry advisers should either accept or reject it. Their rating will be negatively impacted if an enquiry is left to expire.

Unbiased says around 80 per cent of advisers are taking action on an enquiry within an hour of receiving it.

Unbiased adviser product and services head Michael Ossei says: “By encouraging more of our advisers to check their messages daily, we should see not just faster but more accurate matches, so consumers find the ideal adviser for them at the first attempt.

“Furthermore, advisers should start to benefit from more forwarded enquiries, as fewer enquiries will be allowed to expire.”