Trump presidency sees interest in ESG fund data quadruple

Investors searching for ESG fund data has quadrupled in the months following Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president.

Morningstar Direct data seen by Fund Strategy shows unique users of ESG fund data in H2 2016 averaged 148 each month.

In the months since Trump’s inauguration, monthly unique users, which include asset managers and financial advisers, have averaged 549, hitting 650 in May and June.

Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord on 1 June, a move that has already received public condemnation from more than 1,000 US companies and investors, including Gap, Johnson & Johnson, Tetra Pak, Nike and Starbucks, through the Low Carbon USA initiative.

Usage of ESG data quadruples among Morningstar Direct users since Trump’s inauguration

Source: Morningstar

Fund Strategy has previously reported that net flows to socially conscious active funds in Europe increased in 2016 as the rest of active funds suffered net outflows of €91.5bn.

A number of asset managers have reported increased interest from clients in ESG products since Trump’s election.

Morningstar launched ESG data for around 20,000 funds in March last year.