Treasury committee chair defends business lobby’s Brexit demands

Newly elected Treasury select committee chair Nicky Morgan has said she backs the CBI’s calls for a transitional deal in Brexit negotiations.

The pro-Remain MP says she will be “impartial and independent” in her new role, the Financial Times reports.

But she adds: “Regardless of my personal view on Brexit, it is adding to the mix of great uncertainty for business and for others.”

She says the demands from the CBI to remain in the single market and customs union until a final deal is confirmed as “absolutely reasonable”.

Morgan says the majority of people were not okay with so-called sovereignty from the EU coming at the expense of their household finances.

Regarding filling the shoes of her predecessor Andrew Tyrie, Morgan says: “We are quite different in style, but in terms of our asking detailed, forensic questions, I hope I’ll be able to emulate him.”

Morgan bet Jacob Rees-Mogg to head up the committee last week in a vote by MPs.