Treasury appoints Nucleus chief for fintech role


Nucleus chief executive David Ferguson has been given a role by the Treasury to boost the growth of fintech in Scotland.

The appointment as regional fintech envoy is shared with Royal Bank of Scotland design and transformation head Louise Smith.

Ferguson is to initially take on the role for one year and will also continue as Nucleus chief executive.

He will be tasked with building regional and national fintech networks and raising awareness of regional fintech opportunities.

Ferguson says being picked for the role is a “privilege”.

He says: “One of the hardest things to get right is balancing the responsibilities of looking after people’s money with the agility of the tech sector while also making money and I’m very excited to see how we can help others strike the right balance over the coming years.”

Treasury economic secretary Simon Kirby adds: “I’m delighted that David and Louise have agreed to become the Government’s fintech envoys for Scotland.

“Their in-depth knowledge of the industry and excellent reputations makes them the right people to drive forward positive change and allow Scottish fintech to flourish.”