Thesis merges Optima bond, multi-asset and income funds

MoneyThesis Asset Management will merge the bond and multi-asset funds in the Thesis Optima fund range into the Optima Income sub-fund, following investor approval.

After a review of the range, the firm decided to merge the bond and multi-asset funds as they are “too small to be commercially viable”. They will now include them in the income fund, which is the larger in the range with £15.1m of assets under management.

After the merger, the Optima fund range will be made of three funds: the Growth, Income and Balanced funds.

Steven Richards, manager of the range, says: “The assets in the Optima Bond and the Multi Asset sub-funds together total about £10m.

“Both funds are really too small to be commercially viable and we believe investors will have more favourable long term prospects in a larger fund.”

He adds: “Many advisers we work with – whose clients do not have CGT issues to consider – are choosing to recommend model portfolios now instead of funds, as they can provide a similar investment profile but typically at a lower overall cost.”

Thesis Asset Management director of marketing and business development Lawrence Cook adds: “Our seven model portfolio mandates can meet a wide range of investment needs, and of course advisers can also recommend one or a blend of the Optima funds to achieve their clients’ objectives.”