Stewart Investors reopens India fund as market matures


Stewart Investors is re-opening its Indian Subcontinent fund, which soft closed almost six years ago, as markets in the region mature.

The fund had been closed over concerns the £262.3m fund would grow too large and dilute the quality of companies held within it.

But portfolio manager Sashi Reddy says the stock markets on the Indian subcontinent have grown substantially since 2012 thanks to new listings and strong performance.

Reddy says: “Over 100 companies have listed on the Indian stock market since the soft-closing of the fund and the overall size of the market has doubled. As a result, our universe of quality companies has grown substantially.

“Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have also seen further listings, widening the range of investment opportunities in the subcontinent.”

From today investors will be able to buy the fund without the upfront charge of 4 per cent, which was introduced in January 2012. The AMC for the fund is 1 per cent with 1.2 per cent OCF.

Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent performance

6m 1yr 3yr 5yr
Stewart Investors
Indian Subcontinent
5.5 15.1 44.4 129.1
IA Specialist 2.5 11.2 25.3 35.3
MSCI India 3.6 22.0 33.2 72.6
Source: FE