Specialist LGBT wealth firm Equality Capital launches today

Equality Capital is a specialist UK-based ethical wealth management firm aimed at supporting LGBT rights and social justice, launched today by Money on Toast founder Charlie Nicholls.

Equality Capital will screen investment markets based on six criteria: marriage equality, civil partnerships, discrimination in employment law, adoption rights, military service rights and legal punishments for being LGBT, such as the death penalty.

Each investment is then categorised as ‘investible’, non-investible’, or requiring ‘enhanced due diligence’.

Nicholls says: “We aim to create a like-minded community of investors who care about LGBT positive rights and equality.

“Our social commitment doesn’t hinder our ability to earn attractive returns for our clients, in fact it improves them as there are many opportunities in LGBT friendly markets.”

Acting as both financial adviser and discretionary investment manager, Equality Capital points out investors could be unintentionally funding hate and prejudice by supporting overseas governments where the LGBT community is subject to discrimination.

As part of its service, Equality will offer investors a free online portfolio review to gauge the ‘LGBT friendliness’ of their investments.

It will also work with other financial advisers in an intermediary role, allowing clients to retain their existing relationships.

Nicholls adds: “We are exceptionally lucky here in the UK that our democracy has chosen equality and that our rights are protected by the law.

“However, there are many places around the world where this is not the case and by making intelligent, well-informed investment decisions, we can ensure that we are not inadvertently supporting areas that contribute to the suffering of LGBT people.”

Equality Capital is part of the CPN group of companies, which manages more than £200m of total client assets.