Scotland prepares for second vote on independence


Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon is finalising plans for a second referendum on whether Scotland should be independent from the UK.

The Times reports the Scottish National Party leader is to set out plans for a further vote on independence in two weeks as part of her programme for Government.

Scottish government officials have been drafting a bill to authorise a second referendum for the past two months.

Sturgeon has also announced plans for a new Scottish minister for Brexit, and a new cabinet sub-committee to keep track of Brexit developments.

She says: “While I am absolutely serious here about trying to examine and exhaust all options, I recognise – and recognised the morning after the referendum – that it may be impossible to protect Scotland’s interest in a UK context, but it doesn’t mean that I am not going to try. If we get to that position – and what I said the morning after the referendum I stick to – I think that’s highly likely.

“Then it would be for me to put that position to the Scottish parliament to make that decision, and ultimately for the people of Scotland to make that decision.”