Sanlam fund taken out of human hands in AI push

One of Sanlam Global Investment Solutions’ Ucits funds will now be solely managed through artificial intelligence.

The Sanlam managed risk Ucits fund will be the first balanced fund in the world to be driven by AI and machine learning and taken out of human hands completely.

AI and machine learning can be used in investment management to pick funds and, in theory, carry out more efficient asset allocation.

Sanlam Global Investment Solutions investments head David Itzkovits says: “The goal at SGIS was to find a solution that can adapt as quickly as the markets change. Our AI capability does this by applying the latest in [machine learning] techniques which have multiple years of live operational experience and a real, impressive track record.”

He adds: “The AI investment engine derives its decision making in a different way to other investments and should be viewed within a client’s overall investment strategy as a diversifier of existing human manager risk. Because in today’s world, it’s not man vs machine, it’s man with machine vs man without.”