PortfolioMetrix adds 2 model portfolios

Home-House-Monopoly-Money-Property-700x450.jpgPortfolioMetrix has added two model portfolios to its range and has added the ability to eliminate property from existing portfolios.

The DFM firm has added the Pure Absolute portfolio, which focuses on absolute return funds and targets low volatility. The portfolio will launch on the Wealthtime platform in November.

PortfolioMetrix has also launched the Enhanced Income portfolio, which will focus on income rather than growth. The portfolio will focus on funds with distributing share classes as well as focusing on income funds.

Another new offering from the firm means property investments can be screened out from any of its portfolios.

“Property could be up to 7 per cent of the portfolio in normal times and higher or lower at times of market volatility depending on the attractiveness of the asset class,” says the firm.

“Many of our clients own buy-to-let property so they will benefit from a tilted asset allocation excluding listed property. The feature we’ve added makes this possible to achieve with one click,” says Mike Roberts, chief executive of PortfolioMetrix.

PortfolioMetrix currently charges 42 basis points for its service, plus underlying fund costs. The new Pure Absolute portfolio will cost 86 basis points for underlying fund charges plus the PortfolioMetrix cost. Performance fees will also be charged with certain underlying funds in the Pure Absolute portfolio.

The rest of the fund range, including the Enhanced Income portfolio, costs between 45 bps and 82 bps depending on the risk level. For clients that want more passive funds in their portfolios to be more cost efficient can reduce costs to between 23 and 27 bps.