Pictet launches long/short Asian total return fund

China-Asia-Consumers-People-700x450.jpgPictet Asset Management has launched a long/short Asian fund to take advantage of the growth in Asian equity markets and better liquidity.

The PTR-Phoenix fund will sit within the group’s total return range and is managed from Singapore by James Kim, Tai Panich and Jing Wang. The team previously managed a similar strategy for three years prior to joining Pictet AM.

The managers are looking to identify structural themes in Asia and determine their impact on companies by using local insights and fundamental analysis. Both long and short positions are then used with the aim of neutralising market risk and generating alpha.

Kim says: “As Asian equity markets have expanded and liquidity has improved, the region now makes a market neutral long/short investment strategy a viable and attractive proposition.”

Launched on 5 November, the fund is UCITS IV compliant and is registered for sale in the UK.