Osborne to set out Britain’s EU treaty reform demands


Chancellor George Osborne will today outline Britain’s key demands for European Union treaty reform ahead of a forthcoming referendum in 2017, the FT reports.

Osborne plans to use a speech to business leaders in Berlin to call for “principles embedded in EU law and binding on EU institutions” to govern a two-tier Europe, with an integrated eurozone surrounded by countries using their own currencies.

This would enshrine the rights of non-eurozone countries, including Britain.

The Chancellor will say changes to EU rules must protect the “integrity of the European single market” and ensure it is not skewed by eurozone countries designing rules in their favour.

He will call for a specific treaty change to recognise “the EU has more than one currency and we should not discriminate against any business on the basis of the currency [area] in which they reside”.

Osborne will add: “We must never let taxpayers in countries that are not in the euro bear the cost for supporting countries in the eurozone.”