Octopus hires to boost high-net-worth client base

Business-General-Handshake-Hire-Appointment-700x450.jpgOctopus Investments has hired a strategic partnership manager, Tim Lambert, in a bid to boost its high-net-worth client base.

Lambert will work with family offices, private clients and high-net-worth individuals to boost Octopus’ presence in the space.

“Tim’s appointment highlights our strong and growing commitment to partnering with high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors in order to provide them with attractive investment opportunities in these markets,” says Mark Williams, head of strategic partnerships at Octopus.

Lambert previously founded Parallel Capital, and has worked closely with the Octopus healthcare team.

“Given the close nature of the work I have been carrying out alongside Octopus over the past couple of years it seemed the logical step to join,” says Lambert.