Nimmo’s SLI global small cap fund gets Square Mile A-rating

Harry-Nimmo-SLI-2014-700.jpgSquare Mile has given the Harry Nimmo and Alan Rowsell-run Standard Life Global Smaller Companies fund an A-rating, upgrading it from its ‘positive prospect’ ranking.

The ratings and research agency has upgraded the rating for the fund, having been waiting for more track record on the fund, which launched in 2012.

Andrew Johnston, senior investment research analyst at Square Mile, says the backing of Nimmo and Roswell has helped boost conviction in the fund.

“Although the Standard Life Global Smaller Companies fund was launched in 2012 it has the backing of two experienced managers – Harry Nimmo and Alan Rowsell – and a dedicated team.

“However, as this was the first time the team’s investment process had been expanded onto the global smaller companies stage we wanted time to build our conviction in the strategy, which we have now done.”

“We expect that the fund’s quality growth bias will add value for investors over the long-term and help minimise losses when investor sentiment turns sour, though there will undoubtedly be points in time when it struggles e.g. when its investment style falls out of favour or at inflection points

“Ultimately, it is the manager and management team that will drive the success of the strategy and here we consider the managers, Mr Rowsell and Mr Nimmo, and their colleagues to be more than up to the task.”