Mark Carney duped by Barclays email prankster

Imposter has now caught out two senior banking executives in the space of two weeks


Bank of England governor Mark Carney has been fooled by the same email prankster that caught out Barclays chief executive Jes Staley earlier this month.

The Financial Times reports Carney responded to a series of emails from someone pretending to be Bank of England chairman of the court Anthony Habgood.

Carney ended up accepting an invite to a party before the imposter was caught out.

One email read: “I’ve hired some rather dashing bar ladies (is that PC?!)”, before adding the pair may be able to “admire their enchanting dexterity”.

Carney replied: “Sorry Anthony. Not appropriate at all.”

The Bank of England confirmed the emails but declined to comment.

Two week ago, the same prankster wrote to Barclays boss Staley pretending to be the bank’s chairman, saying Staley owed him “a large Scotch” for defending him during a shareholders’ meeting.

Barclays has since tightened up its email security.