Kames UK Equity Income fund cuts charges


Kames Capital is reducing the annual management charge on its UK Equity Income fund from 0.75 per cent to 0.6 per cent on the fund’s B share class.

Kames had reviewed the fund’s pricing structure in order to ensure it remained competitive in the sector.

It argues it is now the most competitive among its peers.

The fund, which launched in 2009, invests allocates at least 80 per cent to UK equities and is managed by Douglas Scott and Iain Wells, who have a nearly 50 years’ combined industry experience.

Steve Kenny, director of wholesale at Kames Capital says: “With the new AMC and its excellent track record over the last five years, which has seen it consistently achieve top quartile performance, there is no reason why this fund should not be at the top of UK equity income investors’ buy-list.”