Kames launches global multi-asset growth fund

Globe-Global-World-Map-700x450.jpgKames Capital has launched a global growth multi-asset fund, hot on the heels of its Global Diversified Income fund launch in April.

Colin Dryburgh from Kames’ multi-asset team will run the Kames Global Diversified Growth fund, which will invest in 100 to 200 holdings. Dryburgh already runs the £288m UK-domiciled Kames Diversified Growth fund.

The Dublin-domiciled multi-asset fund aims to maximise total returns, through income and capital growth. The fund will invest in investment grade and high-yield bonds, global equities, listed property and listed alternatives.

Stephen Jones, chief investment officer at Kames Capital, says: “The launch of the Kames Global Diversified Growth Fund will enable a wider audience to access the expertise of our highly experienced multi asset group and proven asset allocation process.”

The fund’s B share class will have an annual management charge of 0.55 per cent.

Kames launched the Global Diversified Income fund, in April, to provide a Dublin-domiciled counterpart to its UK-based Diversified Income multi-asset fund.