Jupiter launches frontier and emerging markets investment trust

Ross Teverson of Jupiter

Jupiter has today announced it is launching an emerging markets and frontier investment trust to be managed by Ross Teverson.

The Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income Trust will have a maximum of 25 per cent held in frontier markets with a portfolio of 40 to 45 stocks.

Jupiter says the fund will have a high proportion in small and mid-cap stocks.

Teverson, who is lead manager on Jupiter’s Global Emerging Markets and China portfolios, says: “Emerging markets remain, in our opinion, structurally attractive, and can offer investors a wealth of opportunities and benefits.

“This new Company will enable us to take on greater exposure to small-cap and frontier companies, many of which we believe offer a compelling combination of significant dividends today, with what we believe to be substantial growth potential in the future.”

Charles Sunnucks will be assistant fund manager.

Teverson joined Jupiter in 2014 from Standard Life Investments and has more than 18 years’ experience of investing in emerging and frontier markets.

Sunnucks joined Jupiter in 2010 as an analyst, and now specialises in financials, internet companies and utilities.

Chairman John Scott says he believes there is growing appetite for emerging and frontier market exposure.