Janus launches global multi-asset fund to UK market

Pension-pot-700.jpgJanus Capital Group has launched a global multi-asset fund to the UK market.

UK investors can now access the Janus Global Adaptive Multi-Asset fund, which will be run by global head of asset allocation Ashwin Alankar and president and head of investments Enrique Chang.

The fund aims to generate a total return, and will adjust asset allocation based on predictions of extreme market moves to both the upside and downside.

Janus has the Janus Adaptive Global Allocation fund already open to US investors, which has $55.5m (£39m) in assets.

The new fund aims to make returns in excess of Libor over a full market cycle, aiming for long-term returns and reducing losses and correlation to other asset classes.

Alankar says: “The fund’s flexibility could appeal to a range of sophisticated investors because it aims to be able to dynamically move allocations and may invest up to 100 per cent of its assets in any of the permitted asset classes depending on market conditions, including cash.”

Chief investment strategist Myron Scholes will also work on the fund, having helped to develop a quantitative process to project future financial events.