Chatfeild-Roberts to step down as Jupiter CIO

Jupiter chief investment officer John Chatfeild-Roberts is to step down from his role.

Chatfeild-Roberts will concentrate on managing the £8bn Jupiter Merlin portfolio range, which he has been heading for five years. Stephen Pearson, the current deputy CIO at the firm, will take over the CIO role. 

”Jupiter has grown substantially and the assets managed by the Jupiter Merlin team have doubled since I became CIO in 2010.  I have encouraged Stephen to take the lead on managing the investment team so it is a natural evolution for him to take on the role,” says Chatfeild-Roberts.

“As a result, I can devote my time to the job I enjoy the most: investing the Jupiter Merlin portfolios.” 

Chatfeild-Roberts, who has been at Jupiter since 2001, is director of Jupiter Asset Management and a main board director. He was promoted to CIO in 2010.

Pearson joined Jupiter in 2001 as European equities fund manager, leaving the management of his €48m (£35m) Europa fund to fund manager Mike Buhl-Nielsen in 2013 to take the role of deputy CIO in 2012. He was promoted to head of investments in 2013.

“We have grown our fund management resources significantly in recent years both internally and by recruiting external talent. I am excited about taking the team forward to ensure we deliver both attractive products and strong performance over the long term for our clients,” says Pearson.

Over the past year, Chatfeild-Roberts’ Merlin’s Balanced, Growth and Worldwide portfolios have all outperformed their respective sectors, while the Income and Conservative funds have lagged slightly by 0.78 per cent and 0.72 per cent respectively.