Poll sparks slide on Scottish bank and fund group shares

Shares in some of Scotland’s major financial institutions have seen falls in this morning’s early trading as sterling tumbles following a shock poll putting ‘Yes’ votes ahead for the first time.

The release over the weekend by YouGov put the campaign in favour of independence ahead of the No camp at 51 per cent to 49 per cent, marking the first time that the ‘Yes’ votes have outweighed pro-union voters since campaigning began.

The poll has triggered a slide in sterling during Monday morning with the pound currently trading 1.32 per cent below the US dollar while the euro is up 1.29 per cent against sterling. 

Shares in Scotland’s largest financial institutions have also taken a hit with some falling by as much as 3 per cent. Royal Bank of Scotland is currently down 2.59 per cent at 338.000 after opening at 342.000.

Lloyds Banking Group, which owns both Scottish Widows and Bank of Scotland is also down 2.74 per cent at 71.970 in mid-morning trading.

Standard Life fell close to 3 per cent to reach 403.900 in early trading but has since recovered slightly to 406.900 while Aberdeen Asset Management suffered a smaller hit after falling 1.59 per cent.