Philippa Gee: The days are too short for time-wasters


”Tell me about Philippa Gee Wealth Management” was a question I got asked this week. Whilst it might indeed seem reasonable enough, it was the context of the question that made me cross. Is it just me?

If a fund management group ask to meet, instead of the request coming from myself, I take it that there is a particular reason and that the days of investment ‘reps’ simply having to show a full diary are long gone. I hope. If I think that there is also a reason to meet, I will of course agree, assuming that the particular reason they have for requesting the meeting is based on some form of factual evidence.

We live in a busy world, where the clock seems to move faster and the demands of work eat into more of our twenty-four hours. I therefore have to admit that I really take offence to having my time wasted.

So when the day of a meeting with a fund management group arrives and their first question to me is that I tell them about my company, I seriously want to ask them to leave.

If you are going to meet an IFA and take up their time and yours, may I respectively ask that you first do some research on the adviser and their company. Not only would this mean that the meeting would be more productive, it would also mean that you stand a better chance of the meeting going well.

So is it just me? Am I the only one who gets infuriated by this relaxed approach?

I’m not going to name the particular company, as there are other elements of their “discussion” I would like to take issue with. Watch this space.