Martin Gilbert: ‘An independent Scotland would be a big success’

Aberdeen Asset Management chief executive Martin Gilbert believes an independent Scotland “would be a big success”.

Speaking this morning on BBC 5 Live, Gilbert said he would not reveal his vote in the Scottish referendum to held a week today on 18 September.

Gilbert also acknowledged that Scotland would prove “prosperous” regardless of whether people vote to become independent or stay within the UK but argued that independence would be a big positive for the country.

He said: “I think an independent Scotland would be a big success, but it is a secret ballot and I will abide by that.

“Most sensible people now accept that Scotland would be prosperous with either outcome in the current constitutional debate.”

Aberdeen Asset Management is registered in Scotland with its head office in Aberdeen and bases in Edinburgh and London. The firm’s presence in Scotland’s capital city is set to increase following the acquisition of Scottish Widows Investment Partnership this year.

Earlier today Scotland’s two largest financial institutions RBS and Lloyds unveiled plans to pull their headquarters out of Edinburgh if the country votes yes.

Life company Standard Life, which is also based in Edinburgh, also set its own contingency plans for moving operations out of Scotland this week.