AXA IM boost Asia fixed income team with HSBC hires

AXA Investment Managers has appointed to two new portfolio managers from HSBC Global Asset Management to its Hong-Kong based Asia fixed income team.

The firm has been growing its presence in the Asian fixed income market in the last year with the appointment of Jim Veneau as head of its fixed income operations in Asia in early 2014.

AXA IM has now hired HSBC Global Asset Management’s associate director for Hong Kong, Honyu Fung as a senior portfolio manager to the team where he will be responsible for providing coverage of the credit sector as well as running client portfolios.

Jason Pang also joins AXA IM as a portfolio manager from HSBC Global Asset Management where he was a senior Asian fixed income manager. Prior to this Pang worked as a Asia fixed income manager at UBS Global Asset Management.

AXA IM chief investment officer and head of European and Asia fixed income Chris Iggo (pictured) says: “The team is now fully resourced with Honyu and Jason joining Jim Veneau and Christy Lee on the portfolio management side, Alexis Duvernay from the Fixed Income Portfolio Engineering Group and Laurent Bilard in Trade and Securities Financing.

“This is an experienced team in local Asian markets and I look forward to the contribution to growth it will make in our Asian business going forward.”