Jupiter cuts Merlin gold weighting

Jupiter has cut its gold weighting by about 2% across the £6.8 billion Merlin portfolios as it predicts the gold price will fall.

Gold reached record highs when it hit $1,900 an ounce in Asian trading overnight on August 22, but fell to $1,740 an ounce on August 24. On September 5, it was trading at $1,890.

Algy Smith-Maxwell, the co-head of the Jupiter Merlin range, says: “In August, our gold exposure reached between 9-10% across the portfolios. When we were in danger of breaking the 10% limit of exposure to a single sector, it was appropriate to take profits on gold and rotate the proceeds into First State Asia Pacific, which is a low-risk fund in a high beta environment.”

Smith-Maxwell predicts the gold price will fall further before it rises again, adding: “There is a risk that gold is in the early stages of going parabolic.”

But he says it is still appropriate to hold gold as an insurance policy. He says: “When we get the sense that the Federal Reserve is giving the right prescriptive medicine, we will exit gold.”