Mattioli Woods to finalise post-RDR offering

Wealth manager and pensions consultancy Mattioli Woods is finalising its post-RDR proposition, founder Bob Woods has revealed, which will better position the company to compete in 2013.

Executive chairman Woods says: “We are in the process of finalising our post-RDR proposition to investment advisory clients and while inevitably there are uncertainties in the short term as we transition the basis of this revenue stream from provider commissions to adviser charging, I believe the quality of future earnings from both our advisory and discretionary services will be significantly enhanced.

“We have a positive outlook for the current year and beyond. I believe the group is better-positioned than ever to compete in the post-RDR world and am confident this will allow us to deliver another year of growth, in line with market expectations.”

At the company’s annual general meeting, Woods reported that client activity had slowed over the summer months.

He adds” “We are now seeing increased activity following the launch of our discretionary portfolio management service in August. 

“Early indications suggest we will enjoy a high take-up of this service from existing clients, enabling us to deliver them a better service whilst strengthening our recurring revenues.”