Non-Axa investment brand told to stop using name

The Company Names Tribunal has ordered Axa International Asset Management Limited to change its name and pay Axa £700 in costs.

Axa International Asset Management Limited was registered in May, with Axa UK applying for a change in name in July, with a copy sent to the non-Axa UK company in August.

“On 22 October 2012 the parties were advised that no defence had been received to the application and so the adjudicator may treat the application as not being opposed,” reports the Company Names Tribunal.

“The parties were granted a period of 14 days to request a hearing in relation to this matter, if they so wished. No request for a hearing was made.”

According to the tribunal, Axa International Asset Management Limited must change its name within one month of 23 November to one that is not an offending name

Axa UK was awarded costs of £700 including a £400 fee for application and £300 for a statement of case.