Heavy regulation key challenge for 82% of fund managers

Research by service provider Kneip has revealed heavy regulation will be the key challenge for 82 per cent of fund managers in 2013.

According to the survey, the alternative investment fund managers directive was the piece of regulation that would have the most impact and the one they are most unprepared for.

Chief strategy and research officer Mario Mantrisi at Kneip says: “After a long and involved consultation period, AIFMD will soon come into effect and will be a watershed moment for the alternatives industry.

“While larger alternatives houses may have the resources to fulfill the new transparency and reporting requirements, smaller managers may struggle.

“There is an understandable concern that AIFMD will be a time burden that may impact their core business capabilities and as the deadline approaches, many managers will now be considering external help.”

More than 130 client fund companies around the world were surveyed by Kneip.