The Share Centre reveals top consumer funds

The Share Centre has revealed that the 10 top purchased funds for October was headed by a UK tracker fund.

The Legal & General UK Index fund was the most bought fund during October, despite the eurozone-inspired volatility seen in markets.

However, this was the default fund for those with a child trust fund voucher invested with The Share Centre.

The second most bought fund was the Legg Mason Japan Equity fund. Andy Parsons, advice team manager at The Share Centre, says the fund has been boosted by a return to normality after the earthquake earlier this year.

He says: “The region is still recovering from the devastation of the earthquake earlier in the year, yet many of the supply chain issues caused through the disruption have now been rebuilt and established, enabling the region to get back onto its feet faster than some predicted. All this said, investment within this region is not for the faint hearted.”

Parsons adds: “Pressure on the markets continued to intensify during October as investors all around the world hoped that Europe would finally awaken from its apparent slumber and take the appropriate action necessary to calm global nerves.

“For many onlookers, the most appropriate course of action appears to be starting up the printing presses of the European Central Bank, but given the very diverse political make up of the European Union, it’s easier said than done.”

The Share Centre’s top 10 most bought funds for October 2011 were:

Legal & General UK Index fund

Legg Mason Japan Equity fund

Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth fund

Jupiter Global Managed fund

M&G Index-Linked Bond fund

Newton Asian Income fund

M&G European High Yield Bond fund

Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income Plus fund

Invesco Perpetual High Income fund

BlackRock Gold & General fund

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