Schroders to launch US Alpha Plus Fund

Asset manager Schroders is to launch a US Alpha Plus fund for Joanna Shatney, head of US large cap equities.

Richard Buxton
Richard Buxton

The fund, due to launch in December, will invest in a concentrated portfolio of up to 50 US companies and will be benchmarked against the S&P 500 index.

Joanna Shatney says: “High profit growth in the past two years and strong balance sheets means US companies are in a strong position going into 2012.

“This combined with low valuations and expected growth rates of 5-10% next year, makes investing in the US very attractive.”

Shatney who joined Schroders in 2005 currently manages two offshore funds, the Schroder ISF US Large Cap and Schroder ISF US All Cap funds.

The fund will have an annual management charge of 1.5% and carries an initial charge of 3.25%.

The new launch joins other Schroders Alpha Plus funds, including Richard Buxton’s UK Alpha Plus, Leon Howard-Spink’s European Alpha Plus, the Asian Alpha Plus, managed by Matthew Dobbs, the Japan Alpha Plus fund, managed by Nathan Gibbs and Virginie Maisonneueve’s Global Alpha Plus.

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