L&G fund downgraded by Bestinvest over charges

Legal & General’s (L&G’s) US Index fund has been downgraded to a sell rating by Bestinvest after it decided the fund could no longer be considered competitive.

The fund was downgraded to a one-star rating by Bestinvest from a previous four-star rating.

Bestinvest has recommended investors choose the HSBC American Index fund which carries a three star rating and a total expense ratio (TER) of 0.28%. Comparatively, the L&G fund carries a TER of 0.81%.

Tom White, research analyst at Bestinvest, says: “The performance of tracker funds is heavily dependent on their charges, and innovations in the market mean that this fund is no longer competitive – with a total expense ratio of 0.81%, its performance has fallen behind that of rival products.”