Cheyne Capital Management to launch two new funds

Cheyne Capital Management has announced the launch of two new Ucits compliant funds in response to investor demand.

The Cheyne Global Credit fund and the Cheyne European Real Estate Bond fund are both coming to launch with Citibank International plc, Ireland Branch acting as the administrator and custodian.

Chris Goekjian, Chief Investment Officer, commented: “Cheyne believes corporate credit and real estate debt are extremely compelling investment opportunities in today’s markets. Thanks to the firm’s unrivalled expertise in these two asset classes, these flagship strategies have provided solid returns for investors since inception and we are pleased to be broadening their investor base.”

The global credit fund positions investment grade and crossover credit in North America and Europe while the real estate fund will focus on a “compelling investment opportunity arising from the structural dislocation in Europe’s €1.4 trillion real estate debt market.” (article continues below)

Jonathan Lourie, co-founder and Chief Executive said: “Cheyne has ten years of experience in corporate credit investing and eight years of experience in real estate debt investing and we look forward to enabling a wider range of investors to access two of our leading and most successful strategies.”

The Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority will act as regulator for the funds.