Morningstar OBSR downgrades Henderson fund after manager exit

One of the first acts by the newly rebranded Morningstar OBSR has been to downgrade the Henderson Global Focus fund following the exit of Neil Rogan.

Neil Rogan
Neil Rogan

The fund’s manager and head of global equities at Henderson Global Investors was replaced by Matthew Beesley, after Rogan’s departure from the industry was announced earlier this week.

The fund’s rating was downgraded to ‘neutral’ from its previous ‘bronze’ rating after the news broke.

A statement from Morningstar OBSR reveals: “Going forward, the fund will be managed by Matthew Beesley who has joined Henderson as director and head of global equities.

“Mr Beesley joins Henderson from Trinity Asset Management where he was a partner. We will continue to monitor the fund’s progress under the new manager.”