Investment claims management advert complaint thrown out

The Advertising Standards Authority (Asa) has dismissed a complaint by Alan Lakey’s Highclere Financial Services over an advert for claims management company Policy Payback Plus.

The advert in the regional press claimed “thousands” could be owed to people who had taken out life insurance policies or investments taken out after April 1988.

According to the Asa, the complaint “challenged whether the ad misleadingly implied that all life policies and investments were likely to have been mis-sold and exaggerated the likelihood of getting compensation”.

In its response to the Asa, Policy Payback Plus claimed mis-selling had been a major factor in succeeding with clients’ claims.

Policy Payback Plus says many clients were unaware of problems with policies or investments, and highlighted that respondents “could” be owed.

In its decision, the Asa judged that the advert did not refer specifically to mis-selling and was “unlikely to be interpreted as making a guarantee about the types of claims that would be successful or as suggesting that life policies and investments were likely to have been mis-sold.