Henderson SRI team joins boutique WHEB

The former Henderson Global Investors sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) team has joined environmental fund boutique WHEB Asset Management.

George Latham
George Latham

George Latham, Seb Beloe, Tim Dieppe and Hyewon Kong will all join WHEB’s existing team led by Clare Brook, following their departure from Henderson at the end of last year.

Latham, former head of SRI at Henderson, says: “There is a very close fit between the investment themes in the IM WHEB Sustainability fund and the themes we pursued under the ‘Industries of the Future’ strategy at Henderson.

He adds: “We can see a huge opportunity in growing client demand for sustainability-oriented investment products.

“This has in part been created by several larger institutional fund managers reducing resources in this area just at the moment when these investment themes are becoming increasingly important in driving returns.”

Clare Brook, founding partner of WHEB Asset Management, says: “We believe the arrival of the principal members of the ex-Henderson SRI team is transformational for the development of WHEB Asset Management.

“This team is highly regarded within the fund management industry and has a strong track record of investing in sustainability themes.”

Latham joins as managing partner and chief investment officer at WHEB Asset Management and previously managed the Henderson Global Care Managed fund and the Henderson Global Care UK Income fund.

Tim Dieppe becomes partner and fund manager at WHEB Asset Management, while Seb Beloe has also been named partner and head of sustainability research. Hyewon Kong, is to be senior analyst at WHEB.