Budget 2012: Salmond challenges Cameron on Scottish promises

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond has challenged UK prime minister David Cameron to prove pre-Budget claims about potential Scottish investment.

David Cameron
David Cameron

Salmond says media reports suggested that chancellor George Osborne has dismissed investment projects he suggested to Cameron.

The First Minister says: “As you will remember, you told me that you were sympathetic to the capital investment point but were sceptical as to whether projects could be ready to take effect from this coming financial year.

“You readily agreed to being sent a list of ’shovel ready’ projects that could have an immediate and beneficial impact. The clear understanding was that if we could demonstrate that such projects could be taken forward in an appropriate timescale then they would be given proper consideration.”

He adds: “This we have done and there is now no argument that some £300m of capital projects could be deployed in the coming financial year giving a vital boost to local economies around Scotland.” (article continues below)

“The offhand manner in which these serious issues appear to have been handled by the Treasury undermines the respect agenda to which I had believed we were both committed.”