Advisers focused on wealth preservation in 2012, says Fidelity

A poll by Fidelity Worldwide Investments has revealed that more than half of advisers will be focusing on wealth preservation for clients during 2012.

Of 613 advisers, 56% would be concentrating on preserving client wealth in 2012, with 28% focused on growth and 16% on income generation.

The survey also found that advisers were more likley to recommend UK and emerging market equities in 2012.

Equity income, growth equities and corporate bonds were all key recommendations for clients in the latter half of 2011. (article continues below)

More advisers said they expected to recommend to clients more equity income investment in 2012, with UK equity income and global equity income the two most popular sectors.

According to the poll, 87% of respondents thought a yield of between 3-5% was reasonable for an equity income fund, while 8% thought more than 5% was more appropriate.