Santander multi-managers look to add bond exposure


Santander’s multi-managers are examining opportunities within the fixed interest sector and are set to reassess their overweight position on equities in the coming months.

Fund managers Toby Vaughan and Tom Caddick have maintained an overweight to position to equities across their £8bn fund range but are mindful of continuing volatility.

Vaughan says: “If you look at how we have been positioned, we have been overweight equities across all the funds. We are reassessing our position but are not necessarily changing it. 

“We are continually looking for raising weighting within fixed interest to managers and strategies that service more returns from alpha. Within fixed interest we are tilting more towards alpha risk and, to a lesser extent, credit risk.”

In terms of geographies, Vaughan and Caddick are still bullish on the US due to positive signs in the country’s housing market and consumer stocks. 

Caddick says: If we take any money out of equities we will not take it out of the US. It will be through non-US markets. We are re-looking at Asian market exposure.”