Thomas Moore – Standard Life UK Equity Income Unconstrained

Stan Life Inv UK Equity Income Unconstrained 110713
Three-year performance to 10 July 2013 (Source: FE Analytics)

“Although he has only four years’ experience of fund management under his belt Thomas Moore has already won admiration for his distinctive approach and impressive performance. As his fund is in the equity income sector it is no surprise that his central philosophy revolves around dividends. Specifically, that the best performance results not from shares that pay the largest dividends but those that grow them the fastest. He is keen to spot companies in a growth phase, which are capable of increasing dividends rapidly. Rather than the traditional high yielding giants of sectors such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and tobacco, Mr Moore invests in smaller firms such a cinema operator Cineworld and airline Easyjet, which he considers to have greater dividend potential over the long term. It is an approach we believe could excel.”

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