Steve Webb to work as Hargreaves Lansdown apprentice

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Steve Webb

Pensions minister Steve Webb is to swap his ministerial role tomorrow to become an apprentice at Hargreaves Lansdown for the day.

Webb, who is promoting the take-up of apprenticeships, will work with the pensions help desk and learn more about the issues that members of the public raise with financial experts.

He will also join the firm on visits to local employers to see presentations to workers about pensions issues.

Webb says: “Along with other Liberal Democrat MPs, I am working to promote the take-up of apprenticeships by local firms.

I plan to advertise for an apprentice to work in my own office later in the year, and I’m most grateful to Hargreaves Lansdown for giving me the opportunity to be on the receiving end of a day of workplace-based training.

The majority of firms who take on apprentices are so pleased with them that they give them a permanent job at the end of the apprenticeship, which is good news for business and for the apprentices themselves.”

Hargreaves Lansdown chief executive Ian Gorham says: “It is typical of Steve’s commitment to his role as pensions minister that he has taken this opportunity to further his experience at the coal-face of the pensions industry.

It is no coincidence that three members of our current board of directors started their careers working on our helpdesk. Steve is probably the most over-qualified apprentice we’ve ever had though.”