Skandia launches spouse and civil partner investment linking


Skandia has launched a client linking service on its platform allowing spouses and civil partnerships to combine assets to benefit from lower charges.

The service went live this weekend and is available to any civil partner or spouse of a Skandia client.

The offer means, for example, if spouses combine individual asserts of £100,000 each the charge is reduced from 39bps for £100,000 portfolio to 34bps for a combined £200,000 holding.

Other family members are not eligible for the service. Skandia currently tiers charges between 50bps for the first £25,000 assets and 15bps for assets above £1m.

Skandia UK managing director Peter Mann says: “We think this is an attractive offer and one which will appeal to spouses and civil partners who will be able to combine investments and get a lower charge as a result.”

A number of platforms including Transact, Zurich and Axa Elevate offer investment linking services aimed at spouses and other family members.

Skandia platform charges:

Skandia charges table