Nicola Horlick eyes crowdfunding for fund manager start-up

Nicola Horlick
Rockpool Investments chairman Nicola Horlick

‘City superwoman’ Nicola Horlick is looking to raise £150,000 for her new fund management start-up Glentham Capital and is offering investors a 10 per cent stake.

The group is selling the equity via crowdfunding website Seedrs. Investors can put up as little as £10 and will be able to claim Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme tax relief of up to 78 per cent on their investments.

All UK-resident adults are eligible to invest, provided they pass a quiz showing they understand the risks of early-stage investing.

Horlick is chairman of the company and Pandora Edmiston, who worked in the film industry and then subsequently at Citibank, is its chief executive.

Once the £150,000 is raised Glentham Capital will seek to become a £100m Guernsey-based fund, which will provide backing for Hollywood films. The group is aiming to launch the fund in the final quarter of 2013 and has plans to launch other specialist portfolios in the future.

The money raised will be used to pay Edmiston’s first-year salary, the set-up costs of the fund and some travel costs. Thereafter the company plans to charge a 2 per cent management fee and a 20 per cent performance fee.

Seedrs, which is regulated by the FCA, was set up with the goal of opening up early-stage investing to a wider audience by simplifying the investment process and reducing minimum investment amounts so that anyone who understands the risks involved can build a portfolio of startup investments. 

Horlick, says: ”Having been a fund manager for the past 30 years, I know what a great opportunity it can be to invest in a fund management company. In the old days, there was no way that I could have opened an opportunity like this to the crowds, but Seedrs provides me with the perfect opportunity to do so.”