Investec brings Short Dated Bond fund onshore


Investec Asset Management has redomiciled its Investec Short Dated Bond fund in the UK.

The £135.4m Investec Short Dated Bond fund, co-managed by Russell Silberston and Michael Sullivan, was previously domiciled in Ireland.

The fund has now been brought within Investec’s UK-based Oeic range.

A spokeswoman for Investec says: “We regularly review our range of funds in order to ensure that we are providing the best solutions and efficiency of service possible to our clients.

“As a result, due to economies of scale the Short Dated Bond Fund was moved to come under the umbrella of our UK-domiciled Oeic range.”

The UK-domiciled fund has retail share class with a £1,000 minimum investmet and an annual management charge of 0.5 per cent.