Crowdcube launches first managed fund for crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has launched the first investment fund for individuals who want to invest in crowdfunded start-up or early stage UK businesses.

The Crowdcube Venture fund is set to be managed by Strathtay Ventures, a subsidiary of the Braveheart Investment Group.

The fund will allow investors to access a portfolio of investments selected by a professional fund manager from businesses listed on Crowdcube, which is currently the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform.

The Crowdcube Venture fund will typically invest in businesses which are registered for EIS/SEIS tax reliefs.

Crowdcube says the new fund will enable investors who may lack resources or time commitment to carry out full research and build portfolios themselves to access shares in start-up and early stage companies.

The minimum investment for the fund is £2,500, with an option for investors to top-up their investment over the two-year period initial investment period.

Crowdcube co-founder Darren Westlake says: “Our aim is to provide everyday investors with choice. Our 57,000 investors can already select businesses that appeal to them by the sector, amount of funding sought or a number of other criteria.

“Now we’re giving them the option to invest in a fully managed fund.”

Braveheart chief executive Geoffrey Thomson adds: “We are excited to link up with Crowdcube and this new approach to investing.

“There are a large number of investors who like the crowd funding concept but who, for one reason or another, find the DIY route problematic. We hope they find this new initiative of interest.”