Cofunds: Multi-asset proves top-selling sector in 2013

Mixed Investment 20-60% shares has taken op spot as the best-selling sector during 2013, according to the latest figures from Cofunds.

Multi-asset funds were a constant favourite with advisers throughout the year, with the mixed investment 20-60 per cent shares experiencing the highest percentage of net sales throughout all four quarters.

Mixed investment 0-35 per cent shares also appears as part of the most popular sectors during 2013 after reaching fifth place.

Global equity income took the second spot for 2013, although sales did begin to taper after a much stronger first and second quarter.

Cofunds notes that advisers shifted more toward property during the second half of 2013 as a way to “diversify their client’s portfolios and preserve capital”.

The property sector came in fourth place amongst the top five most popular sectors for last year.

Cofunds head of commercial Graham Venn says: “While Mixed Investment 20-60 per cent Shares was undoubtedly the most favourable sector throughout 2013, it’s interesting to note in Q3 and Q4 Property gained pace after being named the second highest selling Sector in both quarters.”

North America reached the third spot with the sector experiencing “steady inflows” throughout 2014 as advisers looked to tap into the US recovery, according to Cofunds.

By contrast, sales in the global emerging markets and global bonds sectors “significantly tapered off” after the second quarter, adds Cofunds, after starting 2013 as two of the top-selling sectors.

Both the UK smaller companies and Japan sectors also saw an uptick in sales to become the two most popular selling sectors during the second half of last year.

Cofunds expects that the ongoing improvements in the UK economy could bring continued benefit for UK sectors. It says: “In terms of outlook, the strong performance of the UK economy could see resurgence in flows into UK sectors overall.”

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